Our Founder

Laura Guido-Clark:  Dreaming in Technicolor

I have always been a dreamer. And I believe that our lives are a culmination of our quintessential moments – those very telling moments that give you an indication of your life's purpose and goals.

As a child reading Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, I suddenly understood that he was taking me on an exciting journey and that reading could be fun. At that moment, I realized there was a way to look at things differently and I took an oath to eliminate "boring and bland".

When I was 10 years old, I saw the Wizard of Oz. When Dorothy stepped from her black and white world into the Technicolor world of Oz, I went with her. I had no idea until that moment that color – by its absence or abundance – could make us feel things we didn’t even know we could feel. Color became my superpower.

Those quintessential moments culminated in my goal to lead a design studio that creates engaging, emotional connections. My intention always has been to shift from being the maker of things to being a maker of meaning. Now, as a designer, I make the human response to products and environments more meaningful through color, material, finish and pattern.

The inspiration for Project Color Corps came from a reoccurring dream in which I anxiously wait to meet the President. As he enters, I stand at attention and declare, “Mr. President, I am reporting for duty.” I speak of the schools, neighborhoods and homes that my team has affected – of the willingness of the community to participate, and the enthusiasm and sense of optimism they feel when the missions are completed. At its essence, color contains both change and hope. In the end, I tell the President that the neighborhoods are chanting “color…color…color,” that it is time to galvanize the communities, and that Project Color Corps is actively recruiting.

In 2011, I fulfilled my dream and founded Project Color Corps.


Laura introduces Project Color Corps at the CUSP Conference in 2011: