How it Works

How Project Color Corps engages and changes a community.

1 – Connecting Partners and Designers

Project Color Corps connects potential sponsors, partners and professional designers interested in implementing a project. The primary catalyst for a project is responsible for project fundraising, site selection, galvanizing volunteers and project management following Project Color Corps’ process. The Design Team is responsible for understanding the needs of the location and interpreting the input of the Community to create a beautiful and meaningful environment.
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2 – Site Selection

Potential sites must demonstrate ‘why’ they need Project Color Corps and be willing to participate fully in the collaborative process, help navigate internal administrative processes, and align the Community to support the project.
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3 – Collaborative Design Process

Project Color Corps’ mission is to engage the Community in co-designing their environment and provide education on the power of color:

  • Color Survey – Students, community members and staff participate in a survey to express the Community’s goals for the project including favorite colors and how they want to feel in their environment.
  • Color Seminar – Project Color Corps distills these surveys and presents the information back to the Community in the form of an educational color seminar and unique word clouds reflecting their desires.
  • Design Themes – The word clouds are provided the Design Team as the guiding principle to develop two different design themes with patterns and color palettes for the project.

4 – Design Theme Selection and Voting Day

Two Design Themes are presented to the Community for a vote on Voting Day. The chosen Design Theme will be implemented for the project.

5 – Professional Painting

Professional painters and muralists prep and paint the environment.

6 – Volunteer Painting

Volunteers from the Site, Partner and Design Communities are galvanized to paint portions of the project under the supervision of professional painters on Volunteer Day.

7 – Recognition

The project’s chosen design theme and partners are recognized with a permanent plaque and a ceremony at the site.