Madison Park Academy in Oakland, CA

Madison Park Academy (MPA) is a Title One school. The students and families face numerous challenges outside of the school site that make it much more vital for the campus to feel like a safe haven. MPA is modeled on the Community School model, acting as a hub for services, for students, and their families. Robin Morales,Senior School Based Clinical Consultant stated, “MPA has a proud history of resilience and Pride, Purpose, Perseverance and Possibility are the core values that are being instilled in the student body through our work here. We are now about to graduate our first high school Senior class this year and our campus is filled to the brim with both Middle and High School students, while we look forward to the High School building’s construction. We are so excited to give our students the opportunity to collaborate with Project Color Corps and to use color to create the feeling in their school that embodies all the ways that it functions to support them!”



Before the colors are selected, we get feedback from all of the students.

The students chose the colors, shared their ideas, and became empowered in the process. Project Color Corps taught them about the fundamentals of color, its connection to emotion, and its ability to inspire.  Finally, the school community voted and the BRIGHT CONFIDENT design won!

Volunteers Make it Happen

Countless volunteers and the school community rolled up their sleeves to complete the final transformation.

The Results

Generous Sponsor Support 

Paint donated by: KELLY-MOORE PAINT