Wo-Chieve Academy Project

This school has always put a smile on my face and I feel like these colors (pointing to the paint and to the garden) widens the smile. I feel like it symbolizes what our school is in the community - a happy place- a patch of color.
— Teacher
Even in a year with many stresses in the neighborhood and community, this school has now become an island of hope, a safe haven for students and families, and the colors and love are slowly spilling out into the streets.
— Parent (translated comment)
It makes all of us, students, have more happiness because of the peaceful colors and flowering plants.
— Kelin, 4th Grade Student
I love it and I made it!
— Micael, 2nd Grade Student (commenting on the painted playground)
— Kindergarten classes upon seeing the garden for the first time on campus
The garden gives a present from the spring. The garden is a gift. It makes it clean and beautiful.
— Sergio, 3rd Grade Student

E.C. Reems Academy Project